Perfect example (Bermuda drivers)

I didn't have to wait long after my previous post to see another example of how poor we are as drivers.

I'm behind this SUV driver and we approach a roundabout, there's already a bike rider on it, so we have to give way as he's coming across our path. Whoops, the SUV is halfway into the roundabout when he realizes he's supposed to wait. Next, the biker decides to wave the car through. Sigh. After a bit of posturing the car goes and the bike continues.

Later we're on the road where it splits into two lanes, one to go down Canal Road and the other towards the traffic light. The SUV straddles both freaking lanes, confusing the hell out of me. I'm ticked off here.

So anyway, the lazy driver of 05387 is first on the Booked List of '08. Congrats, numbnut.

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