Organised religion: being sceptical

I avoid bringing up religious issues here because for the most part it's a personal choice to choose a particular religion, or reject it altogether, and it's a topic that ignites the fiercest of passions. That said, every now and then I read articles that make me question the validity of it all.

There's this big brouhaha in the Anglican church in Bermuda around priests and management and it's freaking political(!) among other things. And why is there such a detailed hierarchy at a church? Bishop, archdeacon, priests, rectors, and then vestries and wardens,... this isn't a church, it's freaking big business, complete with rumours and accusations and politics! Bleh.

Meanwhile, and this comes directly from a CBS News investigation, PrimeTarget.org discusses all the televangelists living the life of luxury off the donations of those that they minister to. Not an uncommon phonemenon, and definitely not restricted to those in the U.S., but yeah, all those guys with the powerful voices and compelling charisma, who preach stern gospel, and urge us to donate, or purchase trinkets, or buy to support the growth of the ministry, meanwhile get to take their tax-free earnings and grant themselves fancy cars, houses and other perks and live the high life. So much for that camel's eye quote.

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