What's wrong with hiring at Ice Queen?

While I'm sure that management at the Ice Queen fast food joint may be limited in who they can hire, they ought to try a little to get front-line staff who can speak and understand English.

Tonight, I'm hoping to get a simple chicken burger and bottle of water (trying to avoid the sodas, go me! Yay!), but the guy up front first couldn't understand my order. First he thinks I'm asking for chicken fingers. Then he struggles to find the correct button on the cash register for a chicken burger. Then my water order which is okay. However he must have punched in something wrong because my bill came to over $13 bucks!

Now I know Bermuda's expensive, but not yet. I tell the guy that price can't be right, so another cashier jumps in to figure it out and eventually my order goes through.

So Ice Queen management, try to sort that crap out, mmkay? Thanks.

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Spykid said...

Funny DAG! But True! So True!