Wouldn't you want to be paid directly?

I've been asked what are my views on the so-called "crackdown on crime" thing happening here and I promise I'll get to that when I can, as well as other issues going on such as the UBP "conundrum" and the like.

Meanwhile, I'm reading the Bermuda Sun and specifically this article where CoH workers are upset by a policy that enables them to be paid directly into a bank account instead of by a cheque.

I don't understand. What is the benefit of not being paid directly into a bank account and instead getting a cheque that you have to either deposit (or endorse to give to somebody else) anyway? I think that some people still don't trust banks to hold their money for them, however for a simple paycheck, they're probably protesting too much. Maybe people don't want to give up their ledger books and embrace quicker and more reliable methods of managing their finances. Mind you, they're not the only ones in Bermuda who are like that.


DeOnion said...

Part of the issue is that many of these people are broke after breakfast on Friday, so they literally need cash in hand come Friday.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

That would make sense where getting the cheque would mean them being able to go to the bank directly to cash it in. Although if it's already in there via direct deposit come Friday morning, what's the problem really?

Anonymous said...

Trust may be another factor. Certain folk like to see what they make and have it put in their hands as opposed to a piece of paper, which records what was deposited for you.

DeOnion said...

Ms. Cute Pants,

Remember also that this is the bottom of the barrel and so you end up with a very small percentage of people who are really not sophisticated enough to want to learn how to use an ATM or have responsibility for knowing where their things are. It's hard to imagine for professionals, but after working construction at various points in my life I have to say that for some Cash/Cheque really is the best option.