January 08 brings winter to Bermie

Despite some worry among many that gang-related violence may rear its head again after the shootings on Boxing Day, I attended the big Shaggy and Collie Buddz show to celebrate New Years'. The price tag may have been a little high (I think the VIP $300 tickets were severly overpriced for what they got) but it was a very good show and I was really impressed by the local artists. HomeGrown, Roache Killa, C'Daynger, were on top of their games and the headline acts were solid. Props also to the DJs (including one Vybez Alliance, although I have to holler at him for missing the countdown) and the MC. Negative points for broadcasting on the screens some fireworks footage and claiming it's live from Hamilton Harbour. Whatever, heh.

However the past two days we've been under assault from some fierce winds, rain and cold. Combine that with the dampness and it's a pretty nasty January so far. Combined with my bike acting up again (darn World Distributors), and I'm not too happy on the roads as it is. More on road life shortly.

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