A shift in local political blogging?

Limey in Bermuda has decided to discontinue blogging. He cites that "there is no room for well-meaning criticism or thoughtful debate in Bermudian politics today," because any sort of criticism of the PLP government results in the messenger being labeled as a traitor, racist or other insult.

In addition, he believes that other outlets critical of the government may find it wise to cease posting criticisms, and allow for accountability to be asked not from those external to the PLP but from PLP supporters themselves. It's an interesting suggestion. I don't see it as a reality because the man-on-the-street is going to air his views whether it be Letters to the Editor, calling in on talk shows or inputting on one of Bermuda's online forums.

Meanwhile 21 Square is also contemplating an extended break from action. I think generally, most bloggers who are critical of the PLP are tired of being labelled as nasty, unethical or racist simply because they criticise aspects and actions of the PLP. And after the PLP won the general election with an increase in popular vote (mind you it's *still* only about 52%!), the feeling is that the electorate simply isn't interested in issues but continue to follow what someone described as a "movement" for blacks to continue to strive for equality.

I know that I am going to miss Limey's posts, and already miss new material on 21 Square and other blogs. They really do stimulate discussion in new avenues, and Bermuda has benefited from their input over the years.

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