What is a soldier

I feel bad for posting this today, for reasons I'll outline later.

When people are referring to their peers or other local people who have died as a result of a traffic collision or a violent attack, they tend to use terminology such as 'fallen soldier'.

While I understand the sentiment of those mourning the person who has passed away, and can appreciate the strong feelings involved, I find it a bit distasteful to make the analogy to a person who is serving his country's government in battle. It's really two different things and I surely wouldn't want that label applied to me if that situation was to befall me.

That said, there are more crucial matters at hand than a matter of semantics. Perhaps a military widow would disagree. Again though, just an observation on my part and I'm not interested in posing debate on this particularly since there are recent deaths which have raised this issue in my mind and I'd rather just show respect to the parties mourning their loss.

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