Death to apostrophes... V13.1

I don't really pay that much attention to the official PLP Blog if only to see if there are discrepencies with what the Gazette and or Bermuda Sun report on political issues, and often times it's either glossed over or spun around, as political parties tend to do anyway.

But sheesh I am freakin' tired of the author continuously using the word "it's" instead of "its". Grr.

People of Bermuda, do *not* rely on your computer's spellcheck feature. It will not correct those kind mistakes. Learn some elementary grammar rules, pleeeeeeeeeeeze.

Oh yeah, the article in question is about Government announcing another new hotel development for the City of Hamilton, without the presence of any member of the Corporation of Hamilton. I think it's pretty easy to connect the dots with Government's plans to take over the CoH,... shrewd moves by the purveyors of 'platinum'...


denis_bda said...

Lol, if you're going to direct people to learn elementary grammar rules you could at least help out by providing a site that actually explains them :)

To the credit of the writer of the PLP blog I'll admit that my grammer is also absolutely atrocious and it took one of my readers kindly pointing out that I should look up the difference between the use of its and it's before I understood the difference.

It'd be helpful having a decent link to the grammer rules listed on the page you link to as frankly it's all gibberish to me and no doubt countless others. The differences between adjectives and verbs, when to use commas or what a possessive is may be second nature to some but for others it can be like trying to understand a foreign language.

Thus it'd be tremendously helpful to see some samples, especially for those of us supposed writers out there who are secretly grammer illiterate :)

Tryangle said...

I'm still trying to find out where my "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" book went off to.

I'll make a point to revisit this post with some proper liks or if not, compile my own... one additional point is that now we're in this Internet age and people find it commonplace to use 'words' like "ure", "str8" and the like even in business email correspondence.

Funny thing is that I was never an English scholar in high school, just got frustrated by all the screwy apostrophe abuse all over the place. I've become a real Grammar Nazi...