Getting active with the Wii

We recently got the EA Sports Active game for the Wii (see CNet review here) and have had a chance to give it a whirl. It's a good workout, which means I'm often cursing out the virtual trainer especially when she's calling me to do those nasty and evil lunges and squats.

All jokes aside, I'd like to keep at this for an extended period of time and see if it helps with the cardio, endurance, flexibility and balance that it ought to. Only thing is that I'd have to do my own ab and strength training work elsewhere (shouldn't be a problem as I have some dumbells and a floor mat), and motivation as always can be a challenge.

Give this game a try, fellas.


Phil said...

I've been thinking about getting this too, but I've been somewhat dissuaded by reports that the tension band is rubbish, the leg strap doesn't work very well, and it can be difficult to get the system to recognise your movements unless you hold the controllers just right. How are you finding these things?

Tryangle said...

The tension band is not great at all. Even before I read the reviews, from first hand experience trying the bicep curls and shoulder presses, I knew that I'd be better off looking for a proper resistance band that I could adjust properly. So one of these days I'll swing by ISS or Sports R Us.

Leg strap was hard for me the first time around, but then again I was wearing the kind of shorts you'd use to play basketball. It was a much better and snug fit when I had a pair of regular shorts on. Don't yet need to go the lycra route, thank goodness.

The motion sensors aren't perfect, but they do illustrate in the videos how to hold the remote and nunchuk correctly and there's some give to how far out of sync you can be. The only activity that I have had technical difficulty with is the volleyball bump routine (go figure).

I have a friend who tried both the Wii Fit and this game and liked EA Sports Active much better, she didn't elaborate exactly why or what features made it better but I'm glad I skipped the mad rush to get Wii Fit when it first came out.

Other thing, it works better with a wireless nunchuk adapter as the cord can get in the way with certain routines.

So overall, a few annoyances with this product but I'm enjoying it (the non-painful parts, anyway).