ZFB's funny self promotion

ZFB's airing a couple of promos for itself now. They tout themselves as the #1 watched network on Cablevision. Big achievement, huh?

I suppose in a way, yes, if you're dealing with trying to get local businesses to continue to advertise on that station. It's a good sales argument.

However, come on. The ad makes it appear that ZFB is its own source of original programming or something when the only local material is the local news, and that only airs on its sister channel ZBM now anyway? ZFB's chosen (perhaps wisely) to air ABC's "The View" in that slot instead, a fairly popular daytime show. ZFB's biggest draws indeed take place in the 6:30pm-9pm slot and feature The View and Oprah, whom Bermudians have loved since the 1980s. I would't be surprised if over half of all people watching TV at 8pm are tuned into ZFB.

In fairness I give Bermuda Broadcasting some credit to continue to try to serve Bermuda viewer interests; airing the 20/20 World Cup is testament to their efforts. Can't be easy when the workers are unhappy and senior management is perceived to not be interested in renovating their product.


Anonymous said...

You're joking, right? The picture quality is something out of mid 1962. It's unwatchable on a modern plasma screen. Tell you what, the next time the Rugby World Cup or Six Nations is on, flip between ZFB's feed and the French language chanell on Cable 121. I regret not paying attention in French class now, as prefer to watch it on 121 than get the English feed on ZFB.

Tryangle said...

Hey Anonymous, I agree with you 100% with regards to picture quality as well as the sound, which is so uneven that I'd sometimes rather mute it and turn on the closed captioning (not available with the local news, of course).

Like I originally said, I still think that more residents watch ZFB on a regular basis than other channels on cable if only because of Oprah and The View. Would they prefer to watch a different ABC affiliate on cable if it was available that included Oprah? I would bet the farm on it, but I think ZFB would hold their exclusive rights to Oprah and give up ABC entirely if it came to that.

Bermudians love that woman.