Drivers are untrustworthy

I'm really trying to avoid another rant about Bermuda's driving culture but this Gazette article prompted me to mount the soapbox yet again.

"However, we are appealing for individuals to take responsibility on our roads as that is the key to a successful road safety campaign.

Legislation has its place; enforcement has its place. But at the end of the day, it's down to an individual making smart choices."
What everybody's not realizing is that we cannot trust the individual. We need Government and the Police to take further action. Individuals are choosing to not obey the laws of the road. The powers that be cannot just throw their hands up and say they can't do anything. If they truly cannot, then we need a new set of powers-that-be.

The current strategy is not working, so change the strategy. Dump the radar guns at Kindley Field Road and the like. Legislate the use of cameras at traffic lights and nail those who run the lights. Stop talking about third lane riders and book them if you indeed consider it dangerous driving. Take people off the road who are reading the newspaper with one hand, applying makeup with the other and have a cell phone wedged by their ear. And if someone's drunk and crashes, bring the hammer down hard on them.

Because right now, the only solution for an individual is to get off the bike, heck don't even be a pedestrian. It's to get a big thick car and at least feel safe when some fool crashes into you.

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