Bike parking at the airport

Happy Heroes Day, Bermuda. Pretty slick, having the same holiday in 8 months...

In the airport right now about to head overseas but I have to remark on the lack of bike parking here. There is one small section and it's packed full. A few riders parked in the adjacent car bays and have been ticketed.

I decided to wedge mine in between two other bikes and try to avoid getting an unfair ticket. More than likely I'd probably get screwed when I come back.

Just looked out the window and saw another rider go fruitlessly through the bike parking area. Realistically what do they expect us to do in this situation? Ride to St. Geo and hire a taxi for the rest of the way back to the airport? Damn!
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Filippa Sartini said...

During the peak vacation season of summer, it is fairly common to see airport parking lots that are filled almost to capacity. This is to be expected, given the volume of air travelers during this period. In this light, it is a good idea to come in early for your flight to allow you more time to search for a parking space.

Trudi Thorburn said...

Every airport should have enough parking space that is not just for cars, but also in every means of transportation. Well, bikers are customers, too! It is the airport’s job to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. And creating a space for parking bikes can mean a lot to all bikers, who use the airport.