People still slagging Bermuda cricket

While Bermuda's already gotten knocked out of the World Cup, some guys still find delight in making fat jokes and claiming that the side which qualified fair and square had no rights to be there.

When I read this Cricinfo article, I wonder again if the consipracy theory that the expanded qualification was only to afford the USA (and possibly the UAE with their financial spending power) the opportunity to qualify so that they could reap more advertising and sponsorship dollars, and they were simply distraught that tiny Bermuda would qualify and there's only so much you can advertise to a country of 60 thousand?

On the flip side of the coin, people continue to whine that India didn't make the second stage. They suddenly want the tournament overhauled so that India would automatically be in the second round or something. I think they'll get their wish because the ICC knows that well over half of their monetary gainings will be coming from that country. It's sick but a fact. So enjoy Ireland's Cinderella story as much as you can, everybody.

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