End of the Lara era

In cricket there are many great players, but few legends playing today.
Brian Lara is a legendary player, and I consider myself fortunate to have
been in attendance at the World Cup match in which he made his last playing

Lara was a player, while the West Indies team continued to be vulnerable
and beatable, that you knew could single-handedly turn a match around for
the men in maroon. His talent and eye enabled him to play any kind of
stroke to any kind of delivery.

And while he was an ineffective captain there's no doubt that he was
passionate about the game and knew what it meant to West Indies supporters.

His last game, a dramatic and intense affair in which over 600 runs were
scored and 19 wickets fell, produced for him only 18 runs and a run-out
that appeared to be of his own making. He did not get to go out on a
winning note, but he'll be getting tons of accolades from persons far more
worthy than myself.

Thank you, Mr. Lara.

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