Four thousand a month is low-end rent

So I'm reading the Gazette this morning and stumble across this article relating to rental properties in town. My eyes glaze over as usual as I hear about how everybody's a winner with these city apartments, et cetera, et cetera, blah blah blah. Then I stumble across this final paragraph:

"Coldwell Banker’s analysis of the rented properties market over the past 14 months reveals that in the three rental sectors, those at the lower end (up to $4,000) are being rented out for an average of $3,986, those in the middle-market are renting at an average of $6,451 and those at the high end at $11,767"

I think it's quite depressing to see that properties at the "lower end" are being rented out for a value which exceeds my monthly wages. I tell you, affluence is such a misnomer when it comes to this darn island.

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