Dreaming about blogrolls?

Strange dream I had last night. I was reading the PLP blog and they had written something or other about BeachLime being ill-advised or something or another and my link was no longer on their blogroll.

Maybe my sub-conscience was reacting to me slighting the ruling party over the past few months, or I'm probably on blogging/posting overload... which you'd expect when you start dreaming about blogs.

For the record I don't know exactly why my blog has been in the PLP blogroll - I'm certainly not a member and don't think my blog is generally supportive of them. I think it's still on the level of 21 Square which is a far more worthy politically-themed blog in terms of affiliation with a political party. I guess because it's more harmless it's considered acceptable to them, for the time being. And that every now and then I say something along the lines of 'UBP sucks'.


denis_bda said...

You're dreaming about blogs? Thats not a good sign.

Wait... you consider my blog affilliated to a party? I certainly hope not. I can appreciate that the PLP can't handle criticism so I'm not linked to. You're lighter on the leadership specific criticism which is why I think they keep you on board.

Tryangle said...

Sorry Denis, what I was inferring is that your blog goes deeper into politics and that's why the PLP didn't add yours to their blogroll. Not because of any affiliation but because you are seen as a threat to their messages.

So basically, yeah, what you said :-)

On review, my sentence really didn't make any sense. Basically, your blog, and mine, are to be considered unaffiliated with either of the current parties. Shoot now I'm gonna have to hire a proofreader.

Anonymous said...

I think there should be a comma after the word 'shoot' in that last sentence. :-)