Road adventures continue

Sometimes when crazy crap happens on the road I don't even bother to get angry. The powers that be have convinced themselves that their current policy of trusting the driving public to change their bad habits and utilizing the "please slow down and be courteous and wear a seatbelt and don't make a third lane blaaah blaaah" message every weekend is such a success that they'll continue with it for the remainder of the year.

Keeps the auto repair shops in business, as well as the personal insurance companies, of course.

Anyway I'm riding along Middle Road towards town and this woman approaches the exit of Chapel Road. She pauses, looks in my direction!, and then bolts a half a length into Middle Road before realizing that I'm actually not stationary but actually moving.

I was attentive enough to see the whole thing unfold and was prepared to stop quickly if this woman had indeed failed to give way by driving all the way onto Middle Road, but what if I was a little bit closer to the junction? It was a bright day and I'm positive that my bike could be seen from that distance. Would I have been able to avoid this sudden chunk of metal that appeared in my lane?

I rode along, knowing in the back of my mind I just avoided one of those so-called "accidents" they keep talking about.

Next time, I'll probably be closer to an unavoidable situation. Because nothing's going to change, thanks to the great combination of TPTB doing nothing as far as policy and enforcement and drivers knowing the score and continuing to drive carelessly.

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