more BeachLime problems

Serve me right for procrastinating. My domain name seems to be hijacked although it still shows up as being owned through my current crappy host.

Pissed doesn't begin to describe how I'm feeling right now. I need this thing rectified asap. Damn.


J Starling said...

Perhaps you should move to wordpress? You seem to be having alot of issues with blogspot.

Tryangle said...

Well the blogging aspect remains a bit of a pain, right now it's the only aspect that I'm currently in control of. Now that it appears I'm forced to work without the beachlime.com domain for the forseeable future I expect that I will choose a new web host that allows me to integrate my blog components fully - something that I couldn't do with the old one. Wordpress - which I have experimented a very tiny bit with one of my client's sites, is a strong candidate.

Tryangle said...

I am very surprised, but my domain has been restored. I will find out more this evening on what was done. I had already fired off a pretty upset message to the tech support, as I had pretty much given up hope that anything could be done regarding my domain name.

Doesn't change my overall intention as to choosing a new web host and potentially a new blog service. For the record, Blogger worked pretty well except for its inability to be hosted on my host (my host's fault, not Blogger's). Also, the templates appear to be fairly tough to integrate with a regular website interface. My site isn't my blog, and I wouldn't want it to become that.