My profile pic is me in a wifebeater

I'm watching the FreshTV coverage of Cup Match today, and right now the match is interestingly poised with Somerset out cheaply in their first innings and St. George's in a spot of difficulty replying to the score. Game could go in any direction from here.

Of course we still have our so-proud tradition of players questioning umpire decisions and trying to intimidate opponents, making more mockery of the gentlemen's game...

What's quite strange is when FreshTV puts up their player profile charts and so far at least two players photos are of them in freaking wifebeater vests. No cricket uniform, or blazer, anything looking reasonably professional.

Who thought that this was a good idea for the players to be represented in this way? WTF?

Welcome to the iiiiiiiiisland (tm).

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J Starling said...

That is bizarre I agree.

As for the game I remain confident that St. Georges will emerge victorious - we're just lulling the Westerners into a false sense of security!