Why would you steal a garbage truck?

Very quiet in the blogosphere as of late, except for the perpetually-posting Vexed site with its political observations and Devil Island and its variety of interesting posts.

Bermuda's men's cricket team is getting embarassed in the ICC World Cup qualifiers. Just played a miserable game in losing to Afghanistan and it will take a near miracle for them to squeak into the second phase of the competition. Seems like all the coaching went out of the window as far as batting was concerned.

I told some friends that at least they still have Cup Match and after belting their big sixes over our tiny fields they can still feel like they're world-class players.

Meanwhile Government MPs still talk the talk but don't walk the walk when it comes to dangerous driving. Like publicity stunts are the way to convince people to drive safely. Yawn. As we go through another week with 44 reported road collisions resulting in vehicle damage.

But check this out. Vehicle theft on the island is high and there's no real effort to try to catch thieves here, only recovery. I blame Government, Corporation of Hamilton and the Police, who in turn blame vehicle owners for apparently not placing concrete walls around their vehicles when they park them in the parking bays that are in open areas and well-lit.

Anyway, I just read that someone made off with a garbage truck last week. Why, how and wtf? I can't come up with superlatives to describe that kind of situation. Just walking along and thinking to yourself, yeah I wanna take a joyride in a stinky old garbage truck, or something. Mind-boggling.

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