Mexico and swine flu

So, the wife and I are to visit Mexico in two weeks' time for a honeymoon. Now the reports are everywhere about this outbreak of a swine flu virus in that country.

Dangerous stuff, especially considering that past outbreaks of some of these influenza viruses have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. It's scary enough the fact that we're set to travel through some major airports both to and from our final destination - both JFK and Miami International are very crowded and great places to pick up germs and bacteria.

Now even the EU chiefs are advising against travel to Mexico, so I really appreciate the concern at a global level.

Here, Vexed and Catch a Fire are raising the discussion, including whether the Bermuda Government is prepared to deal with the issue if or when it reaches our shores.


J Starling said...

You know, I have particular bad luck on planning overseas trips myself. New Orleans gets wiped out by a hurricane; Cuba and Fidel becomes deathly sick; Madagascar and a military coup. Come to the UK and the economy crashes, as does Labour. Great.

At least I don't get blamed for this one - thats all you!

But seriously, depending on how the next week goes, I'm sure you'll be fine. It also depends on whereabouts you are visiting. The Yucatan should be fine for example, same with Chiapas I believe. Oaxaca not so much, same with the north and central.

Are you doing a cruise?

Tryangle said...

We're headed to Playa del Carmen on the Mayan Riviera, and flying through Cancun airport. Which puts us far away from the supposed epicenter at Mexico City and northern Mexico. Not much has been said about the Yucatan area despite all the travel advisories. It's like Mexico is the size of Bermuda, to them. It's a very large country.

Right now people here are saying cancel immediately, I think it's still wait and see, as we don't know the full extent of the outbreak and where it's set to spread to. Not panicking yet.

Lindsey said...

Peachy. ZBM is just now reporting someone on a US Air flight out of Cancun may have exhibited flu-like symptoms.

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean anything serious as yet for that region, but it's very alarming to get this news this evening...

J Starling said...

Um, yeah. you might want to investigate rearranging your flight. Cuba's nice this time of year.

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