More wildcat strikes

Bermuda is the Mecca of wildcat strikes. Regular, pre-announced intentions to take strike action don't happen here. Rather, people pretty much get together and decide to 'up-and-leave' without informing their customers beforehand.

We see it every 4 months with the bus drivers, every 8 months with the teachers and the occasional one from garbage truck workers. The unions, despite their valid grievances, choose to anger the public by not giving sufficient warning and advice to the community. So we get ticked off at both parties.

Today, workers at Bermuda Broadcasting 'up and left' today, as first mentioned on BermudaSucks. Without notice to the public, apparently. Maybe there was something on the radio channels, but not everybody gets an opportunity to listen to the radio stations on a daily basis. Who knows.

Unlike the public transport industry, however, this is a private enterprise responsible for delivering news and entertainment to Bermuda. Start carving the tombstone inscription for Bermuda Broadcasting on this basis. It's hard to support this business after their antics as of late.

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