Ensuring beach access, at all times

Historically, I've been always against the restriction of beach access in Bermuda, which I believe is a minority position in online circles.

So when the topic of access to the existing beach area in relation to hotel development in St. George's came up, I'm not surprised that it doesn't make many waves (pun unintended) in the online community. I'm grateful for Think.Bm/Politica for their live tweeting of the Senate discussion on the development.
'Reasonable', in this circumstance, should mean 'unhindered' and 'unfettered' at all times, except in case of environmental or ecological emergency. I have a sad feeling though, that Government's definition is going to be far more restrictive.

Hopefully Senators Daniels and Ming will be able to follow up and ensure that Bermudians and visitors will retain access to what I think should be a fundamental and national right, that is, access to public beaches.

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