Cast off - Road to Recovery - Day 2

Second day since the cast's come off.
I'm kind of giddy that I can stand up. It's not a full straight-on stand, but it's nice to feel the ground beneath both of my feet at the same time.
My physio doesn't start until Wednesday so it's basic stretching and gaining mobility for myself in the meantime.

The icky part (well at least where my family's concerned) is that there's still three months' worth of dead skin slowly falling off from my calf, shin and foot. May need a personal Dirt Devil to carry around for a week or two, just in case. Sorry, family.

It's going to be a busy latter half of 2015, no doubt, so hopefully this aspect of things will progress at a good rate... after all I'm going to be on permanent trash-taking-out duty from here on out.

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