Low down and offensive behaviour from political parties

After a peaceful protest in support of a particular set of legislation relating to breast cancer screenings, three relatively well-known PLP supporters took a photo wearing women's bras, in a show of solidarity of the movement.

Great, awesome. The protest wasn't driven by any political motive at all, and having men support the protest was healthy. The photo was published to a news media site and circulated among local social media channels.

Then, in response to a PLP tweet (which itself may have been misguided, but in the nature of politics not surprising), someone responsible for the OBA twitter account thought it was a great idea to 'photoshop' this particular gem:

This frankly, is the sort of immature hatchet job I'd expect to see from fringe elements, someone with unfiltered disgust at the Caitlyn Jenner story currently buzzing around, and wanting to score the cheapest of all pot shots. Not someone in control of an actual political party's social media account.

It's probably more disgusting that OBA senior leadership haven't pulled the post and issued an apology for the insensitive slam against both men who support women's health issues, AND the transgender community world wide.


Anonymous said...

The OBA didn't make that meme and were condemning it. It was posted originally by a PLP member.

Tryangle said...

Regarding who created the image, fair enough, if someone else created the 'meme'. But why would the OBA rep willingly repost it to its member base and the Twitter and FB community?

This episode, and the tit-for-tat within that entire twitter exchange, is enough to further put me off of local political parties.

Tryangle said...

As a brief follow-up, (which probably deserves its own blog entry), the latest allegation, as suggested by 'Anonymous' earlier, is that the doctored image was created by an someone tied to one of the three subjects of the photo, and somehow got forwarded to an OBA supporter (and at that point, was probably deemed as useful ammo).

Now if that's true, that also would mean that one or more of the persons in the photograph may have willingly supported the initial photo and its joking caption, only to turn around and feign outrage when used against the PLP from a political point-scoring point of view.

Of course, at this point, it would then become he-said, she-said and the general public will just side with whoever they deem more trustworthy at that point, regardless of the facts of the matter.

Still though, nobody at all here comes out looking good. And that's a right shame, considering this was a small branch-off from a pretty important issue facing Bermuda and people concerned about health issues such as breast cancer detection.