Police blitzes are never for running stop lights

Still waiting to hear about Bermuda Police's big road safety project. Ho hum.

Meanwhile, the occasional traffic blitzes during morning rush hour continue. The usual checks for seatbelts and the like along slow-moving roadways when the volume of traffic is high and the speed seldom dangerous.

And once you get through that and into the city itself, you find yourself slowing down at a red light, only to find the car to your left speed up to get through, and the motorcycle *behind you* accelerate to pass you and zoom through after you've already stopped at the red light.

Yep. Bermuda traffic. Ho hum.

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Tryangle said...

And because traffic craziness is never isolated in Bermuda:

Stopped at a pedestrian crossing the same day this blog post was made. Car in opposite lane stops at it, to allow a woman to cross. Magenta-coloured car overtakes the stopped car and zooms over the crosswalk without even a second thought.

What the devil is wrong with people? That is just another symptom of the driving standard tolerated on Bermuda's roads by the law makers and law enforcement folk.