Bermuda online commentating still abysmal

Online dialogue remains as vicious and nasty as ever, which isn't frankly that shocking. Go on popular articles on the Gazette or Bernews, and the comments section continues to be laced with personal attacks, stereotype labeling, claims of sheeple or kool-aid drinkers, self-centered attitudes and a complete lack of moderate dialogue or empathy.

It's like a boxing match except the combatants are wielding pitchforks and torches.

Despite clear and blatant missteps by *both* political parties in Bermuda, they retain a collection of (paid?) vociferous defenders and cheerleaders, who are adamant that the other side is the real evil and that only their side can lead the country out of the pitfalls currently being faced.

Reasoned discussion is looked upon with scorn unless it conveniently falls in line with the angle being argued over.

It takes thick skin to be a politician, yes, but it takes the hide of a rhino to put up with some of the nastiness online.

What will it take to have a place where people can respectfully discuss and debate without the usual flinging of crap? I'd have suggested a non-anonymous forum, but we've already seen on Facebook that people don't care how nasty they sound.

So, retreat to a safe haven, non-partisan reader or commentator. But prepare to be hounded nevertheless by those trying to win your vote, usually with a "don't let the other guy win, they're evil" message.

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