Bermuda College students and Drugs

Wow. One quarter of students at Bermuda College identified as being current users of cannabis.

What a great message to send to employers that may be looking to take on Bermuda College grads. 

Regardless of what the community at large feels about how harmless the drug is, it's still freaking illegal to use it. Combine that with the high percentage of those claiming to drink alcohol, and I'd be wondering how productive these potential employees could be in a work environment, much less be focused in classes and excel in exams.

On top of that, there's the implication of date rape, as well as the usage of so-called designer drugs, at play here among these students.

I don't know if it would violate invasion of privacy policies, but perhaps Bermuda College should look into drug testing for students, especially since it's at least partially Government-funded (and thus taxpayer-funded) higher education.

As a side note, I wish however, that whoever created the actual report could proof their writing. Reading sentences like "There behaviour was self-reported" makes me cringe. This is supposed to be an official government document, for crying out loud.

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