Bermuda airport, arrivals and immigration

I know there were several locals who were delighted that the portraits of the (former) Premier and or Minister of Transport were removed from the Airport Arrivals Hall, but for me, all I see now is a wide, dank and empty space. A solitary portrait of the British monarch hangs above a disused fireplace in one corner of the area, and that's it.

Surely, that wall could be enhanced with some kind of Bermuda-themed accessories? Some flags, maybe maps, historical photos,... something?

On another note, it had been a long time since I had the opportunity to fly off and back to the island, and every time I do, I always have to do guesswork on those Customs/Immigration forms. Do I check the strange "claiming change of residence allowance" box or not? And, why don't we have to complete Immigration/Departure forms anymore? Are the airport computer systems setup to gather that information automatically by passport scans these days, or do they simply not bother?

Hate to say it, but this is one time that I wouldn't mind Gov't spending a few bucks on a TV ad promotional campaign to help us figure out the new system with its quirks and whatnots.

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