A big middle finger to Bermuda and the Police

This Gazette article is, in my opinion, highlighted by the photo (which the Gazette is guilty of not providing a decent res version) of the defendant wearing a T-shirt with the caption "Stop Snitching".

"Stop Snitching".

Worn in court. At a trial involving assault charges.

This guy effectively gave a big middle finger to the judge, the Police and by extension the Bermuda public. The Police have been feverishly begging the public to come forward with evidence or statements, but this shirt worn by an accused,... it would be funny if this wasn't reality.

In other jurisdictions, this guy may have been found to be in contempt of court. Here of course, it's a bunch of 'whatever'. Mind you, we have MPs who want to ban certain brands of bubble gum, I expect him to come down hard on this case.

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Anonymous said...

It wasn't worn in court. He put it on when he left.