About the Great Wall of Warwick

I'm glad Sue Garland wrote a LttE about the new eyesore sometimes known as the Great Wall of Warwick. It took W&E crew a few months to erect this behemoth, originally meant (well, that's the word that we got) to prevent debris from raining down on pedestrians. It caused some traffic hindrances, but at some point the wall was 'completed' and work crew no longer were spotted at the site.

However, what we now have is an unpainted 30 foot tall wall overlooking a sidewalk that is so jacked up that I avoid putting the baby stroller on and think that runners or walkers won't want to use much at all, with old telephone/electricity poles in the freaking middle of the sidewalk at points. Perhaps it's another case of lack of consultation with BTC/Belco etc., but maybe it's more-so just simple abandonment like the letter writer suggested.

Bad enough that there aren't enough sidewalks on the island in the first place, but having one of them in such rotten condition while the big ass wall towers over everything... well it's just disgraceful.

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