More political chaos

Bermuda is in a unique position compared with its Caribbean neighbours in that despite having similar political systems (Westminster), with only two long-standing political parties and a lack of independents, because the racial makeup of the island is of a greater balance than the island countries to the south. Many Caribbean nations are 80% black or higher; Bermuda has about 55% black and 35% white, give or take. Race has been a major issue in Bermuda for seemingly forever.

The death knell may have began to sound for one of Bermuda's political parties, namely the UBP which has claimed to be the party of integration, after one of its representatives in Parliament quit the party due to racial issues. It may be coincendence alone but a little weird that Premier Dr. Ewart Brown, not long after assuming the leadership of the country, expressed a wish to wipe the UBP out for good, because it seems that he won't have to do it himself.

I tend not to get invested in political issues because of a lack of faith in the process, the seeming lack of attention to issues except when an election is due, but it does intrigue me sometimes and I'd like to see what the fallout becomes of this. Will the UBP totally disintegrate? Is there hope for either the (defunct?) NLP or the new ABC (or even something else) to emerge stronger? Will we see more persons run as independents in the next election? Will the PLP stroll to an even greater majority in Parliament without lifting a finger?

Race shouldn't be a factor in who can best run the country, right? Some here would say that it's naive to believe that, and like it or not, that's the conditions that Bermuda is in. And I have too many thoughts and questions on it to fit into one post. Maybe eventually I'll put these thoughts in my little corner of the web, if I get the opportunity.

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