Changing road habits is not an easy process

Another serious collision on Bermuda's roads has resulted in another fatality. It's beyond sad. Again, a family must hear the dreadful news.

Meanwhile, road habits among Bermuda residents haven't adjusted one bit, despite these collisions and Bermuda Police's groundbreaking 'hashtag' campaign.

Bike riders are still weaving through traffic, including around corners. Cars are still overtaking at junctions illegally. Vehicles continue to straddle centre lines as if they can't handle staying in one lane.

While the powers that be continue to do whatever they're doing that may eventually result in an action plan, nothing's changed on the roads.

People need to really see for themselves the negative impact of all this horrible road usage behaviour, and not feel as though they're invincible, or that bad things can't happen to them on the roads.

That goes for you too, woman checking her cellphone constantly while driving through city streets.

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