Only a matter of time until the next road fatality

Waiting in line at the traffic lights at the junction of Church and Par-la-ville.  Light turns green, car in front gets ready to go, then zoom, grey hatchback runs through their red light.

People here just don't care, because they know there's little risk of them getting into trouble. Other motorists and pedestrians have to take evasive action. Might is right. There may be cameras at the junction (who knows?) but there's no policy or presence for these scenarios.

Meanwhile, Minister of Transport pledged to release new campaigns a few months ago. Whatever, Min. Trans. The 'Slow Down' campaign? Did that even get under way?

Road users don't care, and the powers that be don't care.

And meanwhile, we'll continue to lose people, families will get the dreaded phone calls and their lives forever negatively impacted. Carry on, folks.

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