Maybe politically there is no alternative

So the former Opposition MP-turned Independent-wanted a third party, gave up.

And with it, comes another nail in the coffin of any chance of Bermuda moving past the us-vs-them good-vs-evil two party machinery that divides the island by race instead of idealogy.

Of the recent MPs that have resigned from one party to become Independent, nearly all of them eventually either joined the 'other' party, or returned to their party. Mr. Lister is the lone voice that, dissatisfied with both, chose neither option.

I have many more thoughts but right now I kind of feel like "what's the point". Bermuda is what it is. Quo Fata Ferunt with a little Divide and Conquer thrown in.

Read Catch A Fire's thoughts on the situation, he brings up a number of points I agree with.

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