The Bermuda Sun - farewell

It's extremely unfortunate that the Bermuda Sun newspaper is shutting down. My hearts go out to the staff there, from the editorial staff to the support folks to those at the printing presses and everyone in between.

They more than represented a key role in journalism in Bermuda but were often seen as a family paper, perhaps due to their community-focused sections and looks into items of interest not usually the focus of the daily, such as local sports, or faith-based articles.

With the economy in Bermuda still struggling, the prospect of future layoffs, redundancies and shutdowns in various areas remains a reality. I hope the fine staff are able to find new opportunities as soon as possible.

For me, I'm grateful to an organisation who not only provided a great outlet for news stories, but even allowed an inexperienced writer to contribute over a short period. You've been outstanding, Bermuda Sun.

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