The farce that is National Heroes Day

Government is determined to ensure that the selection of 'National Heroes' remains in complete control of the Government, rather than the community.

Why the devil can't the committee responsible for choosing the candidates, be composed of primarily persons unaffiliated with Government at all? Why not a group of historians and educators?

The MP who made the announcement made this weird quip with regard to having people who weren't politicians:
"We have looked at where they tried that in other jurisdictions, such as in the Caribbean, and it did not work."
Please, please, elaborate.

Anyway, until we get a suitable explanation, the whole process is an even bigger farce and waste of resources than before.

She (the Government Minister) has effectively said that a panel of politicians from the ruling party is a better solution than having respected independent voices decide. A complete and disdainful farce.

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Renaissance Man said...

How a committee of regular folk with no political ties did not (apparently) work elsewhere is beyond me. I think the real reason behind their partisan behaviour is that if the selection was left to others, they might get someone that they didn't approve of. It's Roy Allen Burch all over again.