Bored of politrix

Dog days of summer, indeed. The month's half over and this marks the first post of the month. Mind you, I'm not alone in the blogging community when it comes to posting topics. I think many of my fellow bloggers are going through some combination of R&R, apathy to the situations going on in this country, frustration with the continued state of political affairs.

I had a 'State of the Blogosphere' topic I wanted to go with but I don't even know if it's worth the effort. Then came the outcry of an assasination attempt. And in typical fashion, the established media seized the opportunity to further 'probe' into the goings on of an online forum (not to be confused with a blog, although many locals lump the two together).

Whatever, Government and the mass media.

People are still getting attacked, people are still frustrated and we have this not-so-pretty smokescreen (for who knows what) that could easily be debunked by freaking common sense.

Common sense, people.

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