Good Friday shooting

Most people know the significance of Good Friday in the Christian religions, and by default that means most of the Bermudian population are aware of it.

How can it be, that in what I think is the most callous and brazen incident I've ever heard about happening in Bermuda, today on Good Friday, somebody went to Victor Scott Primary school field, where lots of kids and their parents were enjoying kite flying, and then chose to shoot someone, murdering them?

That's right. On one of the most religious holidays of the year, on school property, where lots of people including small children were congregated, someone shot and killed another human being.

If this is not the bonafide, no doubt #1 ISSUE facing the island, way above $800K reviews of the City Corporations or changing the gambling laws, then something's immensely wrong.
If CrimeStoppers and the Police aren't getting any assistance from the public (as hinted here), then this country is truly doomed.

The powers that be, including the public, must do everything in their power to stop the madness and the anarchy.


J Starling said...

Sad. Just sad. I don't know any more details about this than what is in the media, but it's likely the guy was there with family and that many children were witness to this. I fear the consequences in the long term.

I also fear the calls for more draconian punishments, like reinstating corporal or capital punishment, instead of putting the investments into rehabilitation, which is often talked up but chronically underfunded and undersupported.


Tryangle said...

Yeah, it's to be expected the clamour for serious punishment of the perpetrators of these violent acts. Of course that comes with the emotional reactions to such an incident - if the perps are apprehended and charged with the crimes, hopefully they'll receive a fair and just penalty.

For violent offenders like this, is rehabilitation a realistic option, or are efforts at rehab better served for those committing 'lesser' crimes?

I think a multi-pronged approach is definitely needed. Cut the tree at its roots as far as educating and encouraging the youth into positive activities, while at the same time ensuring that illegal firearm imports are cut off and that those bringing in, distributing and using them are locked up for a very long time.

April said...

Like Tryangle, I only know about this from the newspapers. I am an outsider: have been here for little over a year now and just cannot believe that:
-all complain about it, but none seem to be willing and or able to identify at least some features of the offencers.
-imports of weapons cannot be prevented. There are only two ways of entry: by ship and by plane. I myself do not mind if ALL suitcases are opened when arriving. I have nothing to hide and would feel a lot safer!

Other than that: I love this place. Not just the scenery, but the "old-style" Bermudian who is interested in foreigners, friendly...

I would also love to train each Bermudain who would be interested in learning my trade. But so far, no replies to any of my offers in business. It is the hubbie who has the permit, though I am allowed to work here too. Which I do. How come no Bermudian ever reacts seriously and gets trained. I would be happy to be kicked off this island for the sole reason that there are plenty of locals who can do what I do!

And, on another slightly dangerous subject:

Never in my life have I been made aware so much of differences in skin colour. In a negative way. I totally do not grasp this. I find it a total cop-out as well. I do not look at people in terms of race, other than that I visually see it and am interested in their culture. I accept the differences, but I do not look down on them. I do in no way feel responsible for things that happened 400 years ago. I believe in the here and now. And if there is a black Bermudian fit for the job, prepared to work as hard and be as ambitious as those of us who are flown in, hallelujah to that!!

Get past this, Bermuda! You are running around in circles. And what a tragic lost that is. You have gold on this island!

april said...

Sorry for the spelling errors, I thought I could read and edit. I meant "offenders" and "tragic loss"...