More of the same sad news

Both our road fatality count and the gun shooting count have increased by one.

It's still January. My last post is already outdated.

And we have to add the reported shooting attempt the other day in Somerset, and the multiple serious traffic collisions recently.

Vexed Bermoothes believes that much of this can be traced to the erosion of the nuclear, two-parent, family. Kids aren't being raised as well as they could be, the influence of community and church is dimished greatly, and the fundamentals of being a productive citizen aren't learned.

I think there's great merit to this line of thought.

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road concerned said...


I completely agree with that line of thought. It is tragic that we are sitting with 2 road traffic fatals thus far this year - - we as a community need to wake up about how to combat this issue.

My heart is heavy with the situation in Haiti right now - - it makes our problems seem so unimportant.

My prayers are with them as well as us.