Fix the traffic lights at Albouy's Point

Bad enough that drivers constantly run through red light there, now the pedestrian lights aren't functioning - the one at the exit of Point Pleasant is permanently red, while the one on Front Street does not change even if someone's pressed the button.

It's problematic as pedestrians are assuming that the pedestrian light is about to change in the regular rotation once the light at Parlaville has turned red, only to be surprised when Front Street traffic has been given the go-ahead.

Does Corporation of Hamilton have an email addy?


Phil said...

Yes - email mayor@cityhall.bm, or there's a full list of email addresses at www.cityhall.bm.

Tryangle said...

Just a follow-up that I did email the CoH at around the same time that Phil provided the URL to their website, and two days later I got a response indicating that the Engineering Dept would be forwarded my message.

Today I noticed that the green pedestrian light at Albouy's Point looked to be active again. Credit goes to where it is due. Well done.