Re-routed to Jamaica

For the fourth time. Yep, that's where we're headed since the whole Mexico thing fell through due to the outbreak of this variation of a flu virus (and propped up by the mass media's panicked response and government's predictable follow-up). To say nothing of the ludicrous actions proposed by certain businesses around the place to screw over regular joes.

Anyway, Jamaica doesn't excite me nearly as much as Mexico did. Not only because I had never been to Mexico while I have three stamps in my passport already for Montego Bay, but also the facts of dealing with a new language, different cultures that I hadn't been exposed to, the potential to seeing amazing new sights.

That said, it's still a vacation and it's also a honeymoon and I will try to make the most of it as I can. Until the powers that be decide to quarintine me anyway since we're travelling through the U.S. anyway.

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