Let's solve this Bermuda ID card issue now

A whole big ol' can of ranting has taken place after it was announced that Government wants to issue guest workers with ID cards to be used in lieu of their work permits.

Let's put this issue to bed right now. Government, give every resident an ID card. Bermudian, Spouse of Bermudian, guest worker. Senior citizen. Anybody living here over 16 years of age. Want to have the id numbers trackable to a database of employer information? Go ahead. Use them to help when you expand 'free transport' to all? Extra bonus, there. There are people living here who don't have a drivers' licence and may not want to lug around their passport as a form of ID. Plus it can serve as a voters' ID for the next election in 11 months' time to decide independence.

So if the budget for an expat ID scheme is 3 million dollars, up it to a generous 10 million and get it over with.

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