When you do quit your day job

Apparently this is the 400th post I've made through Blogger, feels kinda good in that nerdy sort of way.

I've recently left the job that I started out of college, an astounding and whopping (in retrospect, of course) 10+ years ago. I wouldn't have guessed it, really... it's not the norm for people out of college to stay with their first employer for so long, I think. I can't think of any of my colleagues or friends who have done so.

I suppose we all have our own individual thoughts and experiences when it comes to staying with Company A for a certain amount of years after graduating, but when it's time to move on, you know it. And when it's past time, you definitely know it, heh.

Anyway, sorry for the relatively low-on-inspiration-or-quality context. Better things in store later, perhaps.

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Anonymous said...

Onwards and upwards! Good luck!