Road rage when you're in the wrong

So I'm participating in the Breast Cancer Walk the other day and we reach the traffic lights near the Tennis Stadium. Traffic is controlled here because of all the walkers, but during an interval where traffic is to stop, a woman on a bike tried to *overtake* on the inside a SUV which had stopped. The woman, oblivious to the fact that she is in the wrong and that there are lots of kids walking, proceeds to lay into the driver of the car with all kinds of profanity.

Very confusing.

What's funny is that after the car had moved on, the woman pulls out her cell phone and calls someone - maybe an ace girl to rant to, in the middle of the road. Strange, very strange.

Never underestimate the insanity on Bermuda's roads.

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Anonymous said...

Bermudians seem to be becoming more and more RUDE to each other... next I suppose we'll all be blowing our car horns in anger at each other.