Blog is blocked

Interestingly, my blog as well as the outstanding 21 Square, are now blocked from my office. I'm not sure what the algorithms are for the blocking tool to operate, but people can still freely browse the more animated local online discussion arenas.

Mind you, they also block the interesting New Onion blog, classifying it as 'Sex' when I have yet to see anything relating to that topic on that site.

If I ever get free time again I'm going to try to 'unblock' it by finally moving it to the same host as the rest of my underdeveloped, ancient and somewhat lifeless rest-of-the-site. Heh.


~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Oh that's just unfair! Bermuda is beginning to resemble some of the countries in the Middle East, where censorship is heavy! What's next?

DeOnion said...

It's true. My anonymous internet alter-ego is a sexy beast.

Is websense the blocking program? It appears to do the same thing elsewhere...