Stress, time demands and apathy

There's a lot of political games taking place in Bermuda these days. The two main political parties are putting forth all the artillery and firing away at each other, trying to gain voter support with a general election possibly happening within the next month or two.

Frankly, and this may be agreeable to many other independent voters and others, I couldn't give a crap about all the blustering of politicians, the silly statements and lack of humility being displayed. We're dealing with day-to-day stress. Work demands are enormous. People have bills to pay. We have enormous rents, or gigantic mortgages to keep track of. We have to find time for our families and friends.

So when we take a break and read the newspaper or watch the TV news or browse the Web for Bermuda stories and see all this to-and-fro, we're probably just apathetic to the whole thing. It's unfortunate, but all the crap has given me a don't-care attitude with respect to the Southlands saga, the BHC discussions or the other highly-publicised talking points on the island.

Politics doesn't have to be nasty. Maybe it works for the loyal fan bases, to come out preaching and figuratively slamming your opponents, but I'm fed up with it all.

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