Back with a brief update

Well I finally made it back to the island. I was pretty ticked off yesterday thanks to the good folks working at Miami International Airport, and I may blog it later on.

First order of business for myself is getting that new web host ASAP. Much work needs to be done particularly as when my host blew up my site, they restored old versions of the home page (look, the Sustainable Development Blog! Gee...). Plus my own personal area needs a rewrite. May have to change from my hand-coded good stuff to a more elegant and maintainable open-source solution.

For example, I think that the old BermudaSucks forum works well (it looks smooth on a Blackberry by the way), I may lean in that direction. Looking at how other blogs operate I may get some ideas. Some are using WordPress, for example. I may take that route if I can still keep my other features like my photos, products, links, etc.

I'm still disappointed that on the ProgressiveMinds website, the posts generating the most interest are of the attack-the-UBP (472 reads) variety instead of let's discuss ideas (273) and isues. It remains to be seen if the PLP mainline and UBP blogs turn out in similar fashion. But perhaps it's just an aberration.

Cricket World Cup and Barbados v Bermuda posts to come soon, I promise...

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