PLP Supporters on the Web

People used to complain on the Limey in Bermuda blog that the views expressed on his site tended to lean towards the UBP political party and not towards the PLP. Limey, as is his right, stood by his guns as the articles he posts are his own, and I think he's right. Other pre-eminent bloggers, particularly the owners of politics.bm and imho.bm, have also been defined similarly. The fact of the matter is that these are private individuals with their own views and if they lean one way or another, that's up to them. As it is for myself, and please don't ask for my political views, because there's no way to pigeon-hole me in any kind of party based on my beliefs, heh.

Anyway, the youth wing of the PLP, known as Progressive Minds, have launched their online blog with forum to follow, and kudos to that organisation. I think people are realising that the Internet is a great way to express opinions and reach members of the community and it's great to have their web presence. I'm setting up their articles to be accessed from the Beachlime home page, but you faithful readers can easily head straight there to see what they're saying.

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