America can only be Goliath

I was reading Frank DeFord's latest SI piece, and he talks about the concept of Americans being underdogs in sports. I chuckled a bit. Even though the US is a relative minnow compared to the giants in soccer, for example, you really can't picture them as sympathetic underdogs when compared to say Togo, Trinidad & Tobago or even Australia. The article is worth a read, however.

Riding home, I saw two bad things happen, unfortunately I could only recall one licence plate number. The rider of AD310 could have caused something bad to happen when he ran a red light, however I was thrown by the cop car which darted into traffic near Devonshire Rec, then pulled to a side without any traffic signal used at all. I'm really sorry I didn't get the number of it. I mean, there's no harm in a police officer actually obeying the traffic laws, right?

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